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            The Montessori school environment.

            See What’s Going On at Our Montessori Schools

            Here at Montessori Unlimited, we're committed to creating positive experiences for every family and child, in all our schools. Search for your neighborhood school here, find details about the school environment, and hear from actual Montessori parents about what they've learned through their time in our schools.

            See What’s Going On Inside

            A Safe School Environment

            Your child's safety and security are our top priority.

            Strict ID and entry requirements ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to our building. Parents receive a special code for keypad entry, while all volunteers and visitors must be pre-authorized by parent or guardian, and are required to show ID. Interior cameras with a closed-circuit feed allow staff to properly monitor the entire building.

            We follow all state ratios for teachers and children to provide direct supervision at all times. Established safety and check-in procedures are practiced by staff to ensure your child’s time at our school is regularly monitored.

            Indoor and outdoor equipment is regularly checked and maintained to ensure it is in safe working order.

            Experienced, Trained Teachers and Staff

            We’ve developed a customized assessment to select highly competent Montessori teachers and child care staff. This validated pre-hiring assessment uniquely identifies high-quality candidates.

            We check references and conduct thorough background checks based on state and/or local licensing requirements. This includes fingerprinting and appropriate criminal background checks, as well as verification of educational credentials. Candidates who will transport children undergo a thorough driving history check and annual checks.

            Primary and Elementary teachers also receive training through a MACTE-accredited (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) program, ensuring they provide an authentic Montessori experience.

            Healthy Living

            With our Grow Fit® initiative, we serve healthy meals and snacks to nourish growing children. Physical fitness is also stressed each day, so children develop healthy habits for a healthy future.

            What Montessori Parents are Saying

            Love being part of this Montessori family!

            I am so glad to have found such a great Montessori program. In the short time my 3-year-old has been attending, the results have been remarkable. She is excited to get up every morning and go to school. The staff is amazing and genuinely cares about the children! I couldn't be happier!

            Amy J., Bedford, TX
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            What Montessori Parents are Saying

            An amazing school experience.

            My son's school provides the whole package for us! They are engaged in true Montessori work, their teachers are communicative about their progress and concerns, the staff is friendly and organized, and the school leaps at any opportunity to get the whole family involved in the education process. The food always has our boys bragging when they get 大中华彩票app下载安装, and they love to discuss what work they focused on each day. The outside area is a highlight for them as well - having so much room to explore and so many activity choices has really kept them active. Having our kids attend such an amazing school really helps to put us at ease each day when we drop them off.

            Rob M., Duluth, GA
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            What Montessori Parents are Saying

            Exceeds mom's high standards.

            I cannot say enough good things about my son's school. I am an educator, so I have very high standards! My son was here for four years and is now in elementary school. He is doing so well - he loves to learn and works well in groups. I truly credit this to his time at Montessori. My daughter is here now and I am amazed at what she can do. She was slower to develop her speech, and now she cannot stop talking. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to provide the best experience for their child.

            Amy P., Katy, TX
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            What Montessori Parents are Saying

            Love being part of this Montessori family.

            Both of my children have excelled in their academic and social growth during their time at Montessori. The individual attention that is given to each child is evident. My kids enjoy school every day and we are so pleased to be part of this Montessori family!

            J.M., Aurora, IL
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            What Montessori Parents are Saying

            Growing up independent, confident, and successful.

            After a great deal of research, I decided to listen to the recommendations of several friends and enroll. I loved the idea of sending my son to an actual school rather than a daycare. It's been five months, and I am very pleased with my decision. My son enjoys all of the independence the school allows him. He is becoming far more self-sufficient than I even knew a 2-year-old could be. The classrooms are always peaceful and organized and set up in such a way that even the smallest child can feel independent and successful. At this school, my son has the chance to be himself and grow as an individual. He is developing his curiosity and confidence in a safe and loving environment.

            Sherri H., Sugar Land, TX
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            Classrooms: The Prepared Environment

            The Montessori classroom offers endless opportunities and activities in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, and Academic (including Language, Math, Geography, Art, Music, and Science.) Learning experiences range from simple (often independent) to complex (more group-oriented).

            Explore the Classroom